~There are only so many seats open in my life and I don’t want to let my heart be swayed by anyone who’s not sitting in one of them~

Within these publications I have included multiple original pieces by myself that I feel focuses on mental health, emotions, tragedy, and suicidal tendencies. While it may come across as dark or depressing, the feelings expressed throughout are genuine and they have brought me comfort on more than a single occasion…

Your soul was truly soaking in greed

The moment you decided I could fill your need

How could I have known you drugged my drink

When I was so drunk I could hardly think

You dragged me out to the back of my Jeep

Because you wanted no witnesses, you…

Surviving Schizophrenia

I must have been a prominent war criminal in a past life
Or perhaps a particularly sadistic mass murderer
Why else would I have been bestowed with such a disease?
What else could explain my affinity for attracting such rare poisons?

SCHIZOAFFECTIVE DISORDER……This is the title of my curse
A curse that affects only 0.3% of the human population
A curse that gifts me with severe depression and schizophrenia

The best of both worlds

DEPRESSION is kind enough…

His Pockets

As he walks across another battlefield of gore
He no longer remembers why he joined this war
Studying the mounds of bodies made up of his kin
Realizing no matter the…

Before Dawn

It only appears when the sun’s light dies
The swollen full moon begins its rise
Black blood seeps deep into the ground
The talons of this monster are always abound
Consuming any…


Spiders and centipedes crawl beneath my skin
I bite and I fight in a battle I cannot win

This cage of flesh is forever tightening
No amount of nurturing can…


Wake to the taste of
regret on my tongue

Guilt leaves my body
feeling stiff and sore

Fools welcome reprieve
from the constant numb

This vile poison
boiling in my…

My Dark Knight

It was late when I ran from my dark knight

I was writing goodbyes in the dim moonlight

My arms were numb; pouring out dark blood

It covered the letters, my body, and all of the mud

At one point I had been scared of that dark…

Behind the Wall

The quiet noises began at the end of junior high
They started small; a light scratch, knock or sigh
Yet, as my depression and loneliness arose at school
The stronger…

Warmth from this routine

I sit and I stare in silence at that god awful screen

As I yearn for any semblance of warmth from this routine

Hours feel like days waiting to end this lonely ceremony

No one in existence is interested in my personal testimony

At the fact…


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